TRE Paris Avec Reine-Judith OLIVIER

Reine-Judith OLIVIER

  • Osteopath for 20 years,
  • Consultant in Evergreenlife products including Olife,
  • Certified TRE ® Tension and traumatism and Release Exercise.
TRE Paris Avec Reine-Judith OLIVIER

TRE ® Tension and trauma Release Exercises

TRE is a natural method of releasing stored energy in the body, whether physical or emotional.

It is a good way to relax, to let go and let the body speak for itself.

It is a great way to relax after a sports session and avoid aches and pains.

The shaking can be surprising, it allows you to learn to let go of the mind and let the body regulate itself naturally.

Practiced on a regular basis, TRE also allows you to take time for yourself.

What is the TRE?

ERT stands for “Tension and Trauma Release Exercises”.

ERT is a body-based method that reactivates a natural process of releasing traumatic memories and tensions.

It is designed to be practiced independently, with a prior initiation with a certified practitioner.

Simple muscular exercises activate a natural reaction of the body: the release tremors.


TRE is practiced:

  • alone
  • accompanied by a practitioner
  • in a group

Individual and group sessions are conducted via ZOOM.

An individual face-to-face session is available upon request.


For whom?

Thousands of people around the world use ERT as a tool for releasing stress, anxiety and tension.
Since the neurogenic tremor mechanism is a natural process, anyone can use it!

How do we do it?

ERT harnesses an innate ability of the human body to release stress, physical and emotional trauma, and regain balance through release tremors, also called “neurogenic” tremors.
Neurogenic tremors are a body mechanism of self-regulation: they allow the body, which has undergone excessive stimulation, to discharge the overflow and return to balance.
This ability to release stress and tension by shaking is one of the most primitive reactions of human beings, as it comes from our autonomic nervous system and the involuntary motor system.
ERT is not a verbal therapy: relief is felt without the need to recount one’s experiences or relive unpleasant emotions or memories.

The prices

  • Individual session : 140 euros
  • Group session : 30 euros



OLIFE Infusion 100% natural, very rich in active ingredients of olive leaves and calendula flowers.

The composition

Olive leaf

Calendula flower

For the aroma: lime and mountain sorb

The benefits

  • Antioxidant action (elimination of waste)
  • Stimulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism (increase in energy)
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Regulation of blood pressure

For internal use

  • Anti-microbial action (infections and parasites)
  • Deep cleansing (depurative and draining actions)
  • Protection and increase of the elasticity of the vessels
  • Regulation of glycaemia and cholesterol
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Dermoprotective action, slows down ageing
  • Regeneration and vitality
  • Supports mental activity, helps to manage stress
  • Recovery after effort

For external use

  • Inflammations (tendinitis, …)
  • Wounds (accelerates healing, …)
  • Small traumatology (contusions, …)