TRE Paris Avec Reine-Judith OLIVIER

Reine-Judith OLIVIER

  • Osteopath specialized in muscular pain for 20 years,
  • Based in Paris, I have an international clientele,
  • Certified in TRE® Tension and Trauma Release Exercise,
  • Diploma in Postural Balance,
  • Olife product consultant,

I guide you on your journey towards unity helping you regain physical,
organic and emotional balance, organic and emotional balance.

CREA: A revolutionary method!

Imagine an innovative treatment that offers a complete solution to free your body of accumulated tension and soothe your tired mind.

CREA is much more than just a treatment program, it’s a transformative experience designed to restore your physical and mental balance.

By combining advanced techniques to relax muscles, realign the osteoarticular system and practice Tension Releasing Exercises (TRE), CREA offers you a pathway to total well-being. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety, welcome improved posture, enhanced flexibility and optimized blood circulation. Muscle and joint pain? Soothe them. Your sleep? Deeply restorative. With CREA, immerse yourself in deep, lasting relaxation, where body and mind regain their natural harmony. Ready to experience a radical transformation in your well-being?

CREA awaits you!

TRE Paris Avec Reine-Judith OLIVIER

TRE ® Tension and trauma Release Exercises

TRE is a natural method for releasing stored stress in the body, whether physical or emotional.
TRE is a method that aims to deactivate the stress response in our nervous system and return our organism to « relax, rest, heal » mode.

What is the TRE?

TRE stands for « Tension and Trauma Release Exercises ».

TRE is a body-based method for reactivating the natural process of releasing traumatic memories and tensions.
It is designed to be practiced independently, with prior initiation by a certified practitioner.
Simple muscular exercises activate the body’s natural reaction: release tremors.

It’s a great way to relax, let go and let your body speak for itself.
It’s a great way to relax after a sports session and avoid aches and pains.
The shakes can be surprising, but they help you learn to let go of your mind and let your body regulate itself naturally.

Practised on a regular basis, TRE also allows you to take time for yourself.

TRE is practiced:

  • alone
  • accompanied by a practitioner
  • in a group

Individual and group sessions are conducted via ZOOM.

An individual face-to-face session is available upon request.


For whom?

Thousands of people around the world use ERT as a tool for releasing stress, anxiety and tension.
Since the neurogenic tremor mechanism is a natural process, anyone can use it!

How do we do it?

TRE harnesses an innate ability of the human body to release stress, physical and emotional trauma, and regain balance through release tremors, also called « neurogenic » tremors.
Neurogenic tremors are a body mechanism of self-regulation: they allow the body, which has undergone excessive stimulation, to discharge the overflow and return to balance.
This ability to release stress and tension by shaking is one of the most primitive reactions of human beings, as it comes from our autonomic nervous system and the involuntary motor system.
TRE is not a verbal therapy: relief is felt without the need to recount one’s experiences or relive unpleasant emotions or memories.

The prices

  • Individual session : 140 euros
  • Group session : 30 euros

Postural balance

Postural balance is the art of acting on musculoskeletal pain

To find out more about postural balance.

It is essential for carrying out various motor activities and maintaining healthy posture. Here are a few key points concerning postural balance:
  •   Muscular tensions in the body, caused by physical or psychological shock or intoxication, are factors in pain and postural imbalances,
  • A postural balance session lasts an average of 45 minutes and is divided into 4 stages:
    • listening and identifying signs of blockage,
    • manipulation and release of pain points, and preventive health advice for a lasting effect.
  • Postural balance was created by Alfred Pfennig, a Heilpraktiker practising in France and Germany.
  • To maintain a posture on the ground, three conditions must be met: recognize the gravitational vertical, stabilize each segment at a given moment and have sufficiently stable and solid supports to control the forces involved.
  • Maintaining postural balance depends on adapted neuromuscular activity, and has a highly dynamic aspect.

Postural balance is practiced :

With a qualified health practitioner specializing in this innovative practice.

For whom?

Postural balance is essential for everyone, whatever their age or level of fitness. It is particularly beneficial for athletes, people with neurological or musculoskeletal disorders, and those seeking to improve their general well-being.

The benefits of postural balance are numerous. It can help relieve a variety of problems, including nervous system pain, migraines and headaches, tendonitis, joint problems, dizziness and nausea, bruxism (teeth grinding), neuralgia, tinnitus, permanent pain, backache and inflammation.

In addition, postural balance can also help strengthen core muscles, tone connective tissue and work the nervous system. It can also improve statics, enabling faster, effortless movement.

In conclusion, postural balance is beneficial for a wide range of people and can help improve overall health and well-being.


Thanks to the joint action of practitioner and patient.

By combining an action on muscular insertions and a voluntary muscular action, tensions are rebalanced.

The body can then function freely and pain-free.



  • Session: 100 euros


logo OLIFE new


OLIFE Infusion 100% natural, very rich in active ingredients of olive leaves and calendula flowers.

The composition

Olive leaf

Calendula flower

For the aroma: lime and mountain sorb

The benefits

  • Antioxidant action (elimination of waste)
  • Stimulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism (increase in energy)
  • Improvement of blood circulation
  • Regulation of blood pressure

For internal use

  • Anti-microbial action (infections and parasites)
  • Deep cleansing (depurative and draining actions)
  • Protection and increase of the elasticity of the vessels
  • Regulation of glycaemia and cholesterol
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Dermoprotective action, slows down ageing
  • Regeneration and vitality
  • Supports mental activity, helps to manage stress
  • Recovery after effort

For external use

  • Inflammations (tendinitis, …)
  • Wounds (accelerates healing, …)
  • Small traumatology (contusions, …)